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Succeed® Digestive Conditioning Program® Veterinary Formula Paste


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Product Description

Maintaining optimal digestive health can give horses their best chance for overall health and wellness. This is especially important for horses facing the challenges of breeding and performance. SUCCEED® Digestive Conditioning Program® Veterinary Formula provides a natural, nutritional approach to managing these challenges

Product Information
SUCCEED DCP Veterinary Formula is an advanced daily nutritional supplement made especially for horses facing the most rigorous challenges of modern care and feeding. It carries all the same benefits of the original SUCCEED DCP, plus additional ingredients to support the healthy structure and function of the equine GI tract. The SUCCEED Digestive Conditioning Program provides a simple program for managing a horse’s appearance, temperament and performance.
Active Ingredients
Polar lipids in oat oil, beta-glucan in oat flour, glutamine, threonine, plus dried yeast which includes mannan oligosaccharides and nucleotides. Also contains L-Proline and L-Serine, B6 and B12.
Directions for User
Simply empty the contents of one oral syringe (26.5 grams) directly into the horse’s mouth, once each day immediately before feeding. As an alternative, you may squeeze the contents of the tube directly on to the horse’s feed as a top dressing.
Special Precautions
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